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Bad choices cost money!

E. Stanley O'Neal's tenure as CEO of Merrill Lynch has led to $52 billion in losses. Financial Times, August 28, 2008. Interviews with O'Neal before he headed Merrill Lynch show that he was more focused on the upside of deals than possible downsides.


Personality tests don't predict actual behavrior.

The Personality Test Myth by Dr. Myra S. White.


We use Super-Talent™ Profiles to go beyond traditional hiring models.
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Why Super-Talent™ Profiles Make A Difference
People are NOT interchangeable. Two people can have the same education and years of experience but differ dramatically in how well they perform at different types of tasks.

Compare Ray Dalia of Bridgewater and Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase. Both are HBS graduates who have been highly successful. Ray Dalia's Super-Talent™ Profile includes numeric pattern recognition and system innovation whereas Jamie Dimon's includes negotiating and influencing others.

These Super-Talent™ Profiles have helped each excel in two different arenas. If they were to change places, neither Dalia and Dimon would thrive in the other's position.

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We provide books and videos to help you learn what Super-Talent™ Profiles are and how you can use your Super-Talent™ Profile to maximize your success in life.

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We provide individual Super-Talent™ identification profiles so you can learn where you have a workplace edge.

We provide apps and systems to help you measure your own Super-Talent™ Profile.

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